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  • Wendy Hornung

Have you ever read your own "Owner’s Manual?"

Have you ever read an instruction manual to put together a bookcase or a chair and didn’t understand it? Feel like it was written in a foreign language? Maybe you never read directions and choose the “wing it” approach. Not everyone understands instructions the same way.

What language is your "Owner's Manual" written in? This shapes how you do everything from work to family.

Habit may be your default response to change and problems, but you might not recognize how a different approach could compliment your personal operating system offering positive results you never imagined. Of course that information is in your “Owner’s Manual.”

If you think about how different people’s mental reactions and emotional approaches are to situations, then you can see how we all could benefit from understanding our personal operator’s manual. The good news is we all come with our own directions! You just need to take the time to understand them.

What action or response from another person makes sense to you? Do you have an easier time with a person that presents facts, or tells emotional stories? Are you a levelheaded problem solver or an innovative visionary or a natural organizer? These are all examples of different personal operating systems or strengths in action.

Some of you organize data on par with a computer, and others know the right thing to say to a person who is upset. Perhaps you do better on the fly or planning out every detail.

Do any of these describe you?

When I coach people on using their strengths it becomes clearer to each person why their "Owner’s Manual" is priceless. If you understand how your system works you will have a much better foundation to communicate with others and navigate the challenges that block satisfaction personally or professionally.

It would be easier if we all came with a prewritten manual describing our short cuts and recommended maintenance program, but no one can know you as well as yourself. Discovering your manual is your journey. It’s a doable process and an investment that produces results daily nourishing your future.

Unlike computer companies that often have support centers to answer questions about operating systems, you are your call center and need to understand your "Owner’s Manual." You can learn to give better explanations to others. You can explain to others how you think and respond to improve all communication in a constructive positive manner. You can learn to ask questions that help you understand people who think differently.

Frustrations and miscommunications are clues that something needs clarification about a glitch in the process. The solution is in your manual.

A deeper understanding of yourself and all its rewards comes from continuous development much like improving software, but richer.

Let me help you understand your Owner’s Manual.

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