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 "The system we have in place with Jeff’s involvement
works with proven results."

NIST 800-171 Implementation

NIST 800-171 Cybersecurity Assessment

Currently performing a full information systems assessment and inventory to prepare for the implementation of NIST 800-171 controls. The assessment includes not only computers, network equipment, infrastructure design, etc but people as well.  People are the first and last line of defense against cybersecurity threats.

During the assessment processes, information flow and potential areas of improvement not related to cybersecurity will also be identified and presented to management. 

Company Size: >150users in multiple states

Divestiture & Merger

Policy & Procedure Revamp

After their first annual risk assessment this client requested a complete revamp of all of their IT, Securty, Risk, HIPPA, and PCI compliance policies and procedures.  With our multi-disciplined team we are also integrating their HR policies and other procedures into a webbased system that helps inform and train employees on their roles & responsibilities.

Application Redesign

and coding/design training

Redesign and rewrite of separate proposal system and field ticket billing system while training the client's employee on coding and database design. 


This system was written with disparate databases with non-normalized data. Combining the proposal app/database with the field ticket app/database and automating several complex calculations has reduced proposal turn around time from just over 2hrs to under 40mins.


By "seeding" the proposal to the offline field database billing accuracy has increased, ticket review time decreased, and customer payment approval time has decreased.


Integrated operational and accounting reporting into the application.


The biggest challenge was accounting for limited and intermittent connectivity in the field - offline local databases had to be used with custom data sync.


Company size: Approx. 750 million

Paper Medical Chart
to Electronic

Converting a multi-provider medical practice from paper toelectronic charts freed up 1200sqft of in-office record storagespace.  That space was then turned into Allergy Rast/Blood testinglab and MiniCat CT scanner rooms creating additional revenuestreams for the practice.

Retail Store Process Improvement,

Training and New Revenue Streams

Exceprt from the Owner:


"I just feel the need to comment on the critical piece Jeff has contributed to our company.  In 2013, I hired Jeff to train with our Level 1 designer to study for her National Exam to obtain her  Designer Certification.  She had not passed a portion of the exam with two attempts, prior to her employment with [us].  With that knowledge, I hired Jeff to work with her and as a direct result, she passed the exam and received her certification, moved to a Level 2 designer and received a pay increase.  We had researched what courses were available to designers sitting for this exam and the nearest was Dallas, so we proactivity worked with Jeff (a Louisiana provider) to make this happen.  We then hired a Level 1 designer with the plan for her to train with Jeff, sit and pass her exam, move to a Level 2 designer and received a pay increase.  This is my annual plan to grow this portion of our company.  Our revenue from this department from 2012 to 2013 doubled as a result of this plan.


We also implemented a preventative maintenance program at Top’s.  This required creating a new position, and required unique training that Jeff developed and implemented.  Our 2014 plan is to grow that department, creating new positions and add a level of technicians to our company.  This department has great growth potential, but that can only happen with the training program Jeff is using.  It is customized for this program, exclusively at Top’s. Upon its implementation, the department was able to sustain itself within a short period of time.


These two areas are critical to our company’s growth and our ability to continue to create jobs.  The system we have in place with Jeff’s involvement works with proven results. "

Divestiture & Merger

30 day notice that the divestiture & merger was occurring but unable to discuss logistics with the two entities other than the executives, 9 days to plan with both entities teams, then 4 days to implement - infrastructure migration from Houston to Denver.


Provided interim IT support during the merger and assisted in thecreation of an in-house IT department.


Integration of the desperate organizations after the infrastructure migration

  • migrated to a common accounting software

  • ​included new implementation of job costing

  • process merge/revamp   

  • SOX Compliance


Company size: divested entity approx. 150 million
Post merger: approx. 400 million

Worked with the staff to prep the company for acclerated growthand sale to a private equity firm.  By streamlining processes thecompany was able to grow from 26 million to 132 million in 2 years without the need to increase SG&A staff.The company was sold to a private equity firm and was then merged with two other entities to create a publically traded company.  Part of the project included SOX compliance process and procedure development for this entity.

Company Process & Accounting Clean Up

to sell IT infracture creation, HR department creation, and accounting process improvement

MS Access Application Conversion to MS SQL

After completing the redesign and rewrite of a separate proposal system and field ticket billing system and training the client's employee on coding and database design we are now upsizing the application to a MS SQL backend along with moving some of the business logic to SQL as well.

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