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“He has such a vast knowledge of everything. He sees things completely differently from most people.

Jeff Resweber is hired to solve problems. Unlike many consultants, he has never shown up at a customer’s site with a stock answer in his pocket. Resweber digs beneath the surface of what’s going on to design a custom solution.

According to Stephanie Thompson, a business analyst with Superior Energy Services, hiring Resweber has improved her company’s bottom line. “He may not come with a solution, but he will figure one out very quickly,” said Thompson. “He completes everything he starts.”

In 2010, Thompson worked with Resweber in Houston on a project to organize reams of regulatory and historical reporting. She said the structure Resweber created made her life much easier. Ultimately, the work they produced set the standard regulatory reporting format for the Environmental Protection Agency.

“When all this regulatory stuff for the oil and gas industry started coming to light, they were requesting massive amounts of data. We own a variety of companies and were making the databases unique to each company. When we made one change, we had to make 15. We brought Jeff in to bring it down to one database. He created super clean data. Now we are able to organize the info with the click of a button.”

Based in Valley View, Texas, Thompson said she’s impressed with Resweber’s vast knowledge.

“His ability to communicate with our group is outstanding — from our COO to people in the field,” Thompson said. “He has such a vast knowledge of everything. He sees things completely differently from most people. He's such a help in understanding the big picture while we were busy putting out fires.”

Resweber has a knack for paying attention to details in the context of the big picture. In one of Superior’s projects, he was able to work with staff to identify short-term solutions while simultaneously creating the solution for the bigger picture.

Generally, Resweber takes into account what is going on now and looks into the future to solve projected problems. In Thompson’s experience, the solutions he creates not only fix today’s issue, but they also address the problems that will arise two years from now — that no one else sees.

While working with Thompson and her team to solve issues related to fracking in 2015, Resweber was also on a learning mission of his own. “If he does not know something, he gets up to speed really quickly,” Thompson said. “We were reading the same articles he was reading — long story short, he made us feel silly often. No kidding. It’s crazy what he can do.”

He went on to help the company shorten its complex and dynamic proposal process down from four hours down to 20 minutes per proposal.

“We hired a company before we hired him, which was $120,000 down the drain,” Thompson said. “At the end of their time, I asked them, ‘Are we ever going to get a program that works?’ They said, ‘No.’

The difference between Jeff and everyone else is that you know what you're getting every single time. The other company worked almost a year and we got nothing. Then, we hired Jeff. He completely re-worked the program in less than six months and had a very good product in six months — and for a lot less money.”

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