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‘Delivers on what he said he’s going to deliver on’

Marty M., CFO of a utility privatization company based in Denver, says he doesn’t know if Jeff Resweber sleeps, but he does know what sets Resweber apart.

He delivers on what he says he's going to deliver on. In fact, he's exceeded my expectations in all three realms I’ve worked with him — the application specialist on our financial system, cyber security and on a big database project.”

Since 2013, Resweber has worked on the three major projects with this Denver based company. Resweber was originally hired to work with the implementation of the company’s accounting software, Spectrum, in 2013. He wrote custom tools to speed up entry and reporting that pulls directly from the accounting system.

He served primarily in the role of applications specialist but also demonstrated that he has the skills as a problem solver so in the last four years, the company expanded the scope of Resweber’s work.

In late 2018, the company broadened the scope of Resweber’s work to include cyber security and a complex geographical database project. We are a heavily data driven company.

Marty said having data in disparate systems made linking the data together so it could be useful a struggle. Enter Resweber who mentored a data scientist in-house as part of the redesign.

“We ultimately tasked Jeff to take a look at the information that comes out of a system with a lot of asset-specific information and link with another so that we can see the full picture of the vast number of assets we have deployed throughout the country,” Marty said.

They also asked Resweber to create and implement a NIST800-171 cyber security program, as well as to work with another consultant on SmartGrid cyber security. If you don’t know what that means, you are not alone.

“I'm not an I.T. guy. I'm not technical, but with Jeff — he is relatable, and he’s learned the subject matter,” Marty said.

Next, they asked Resweber to develop a program to help educate and change corporate culture regarding cyber security.

Read part two of this case study to learn more about how Resweber successfully worked with the entire team on the three projects.

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