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“I know why I hire Jeff Resweber — you don’t have to explain the problem to Jeff. He explains it to

As one client said, “I know why I hire Jeff Resweber — you don’t have to explain the problem to Jeff. He explains it to you. …If a company wants to position themselves for growth, Jeff is the guy.”

For example, in one company, within two years after Resweber came on board, the company went from $26 million to $132 in annual revenue. The company attributes the lion’s share of the rise in revenue to the internal savings and systems Resweber created by laying the groundwork to do more without adding people. In fact, despite the exponential growth, they were able to reduce the number of employees.

Repeatedly, Resweber’s satisfied clients say versions of the same message: “Jeff solves problems and saves my company money. In doing so, he has made my life better.”

For more than 20 years, Resweber has used his knowledge, his vast IT and business experience to streamline operations while reducing costs for companies of all sizes, from large billion dollar publicly traded companies to small businesses. Resweber digs beneath surface issues to uncover the origin of problems and, then, devises and executes solutions. His proven track record demonstrates Resweber’s ability to make companies better so that the people who run them can make better decisions.

Resweber’s capacity to balance and resolve multiple clusters of issues consistently astounds clients. Another client said, “He may not come with a solution, but he will figure one out very quickly — and he completes everything he starts.”

Resweber is a classically trained tenor and cooks a fine French meal every Friday evening for a small group of friends.

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