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An Extraordinary Mind

We help you make the decisions that make you a better, bigger, and more profitable business.

A Think Tank specializing in Process Reinvention

An Extraordinary Mind is a think tank with national reach specializing in Process Reinvention. Our true role is to uncover issues and practices that may not be apparent to our clients in terms of either severity or consequences. Here, we ask tough questions and provide honest feedback — all for your process improvements and efficiency gains.



Let us Help you Change
for the Better

Current Project(s)

CMMC v1 Level 4 Implementation
Working with a client to move from NIST800-171 Cybersecurity controls to the new DOD standard.

Viewpoint Spectrum ERP Implementation
Working with a new client to fix a failed implementation of their new ERP (from prior consultants) and prepare them for their first mid-tier CPA Firm audit.

Our Team

Our team is cross-trained in various managerial styles from accounting to IT and communications to HR. That means that we can mold data into each of your departments with the language and the expertise to back it up.


Please read more about their individual talents, strengths and expertise in the Team section.

Connect with Us

If you have the foresight to see that your processes or operations are breaking down, give us a call first. Call before it’s too late.

‹TEL: 337.366.1818


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